New Year and a New Plan for Healthy Happy Mealtime

New Year and a New Plan for Healthy Happy Mealtime

The Holidays are over and all that is left are a few uneaten cookies. And if you are like me you are thinking it is time to focus on some healthy eating.

The kids are back in school and we are getting back to our routines. THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO RENEW.

Let’s face it, kids (and grown ups) prefer a routine. We all like to know what will happen next (comforting right?) Meal routines help children focus their thoughts and energies in a good direction. So here we go:

Breakfast: whole grain cereal or toast with nut butter, fruit and milk. Sitting down with your kids for this quick meal helps start them off on the right track for their day.

Lunch: whether you pack your lunch or eat at school, planning is the key to good choices. Discuss with your child what to pack or what to pick from the menu.

After School Snacks: remember how hungry you were as a kid when you got home from school? Having fruits, vegetables with hummus, whole grain crackers and cheese or fruit and yogurt readily available will help your kid stop hunger in it’s tracks.

Dinner: eating good food together at the dinner table cannot be beat. Families who eat dinner together tend to eat more fruits and vegetables and less added sugars, salt and high fat foods.

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