Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids

Helping children learn healthy habits is a family affair. Children learn to eat well, sleep well, and to be active from the grownups around them. Opportunities to teach children to eat well at meals and to choose fruits and vegetable each day happens every day. Moms, dads, grandparents and older children can help children learn these good habits.

Taking the healthy habits quiz can help your family see how well they are doing and find ways to be their best.

Take the healthy habits quiz to show you where things are going great and things you and your family can do to improve your health . . .

Healthy Habits Quiz

Do you and your family Yes No Sometimes
Eat meals and snacks at the same time in the same location
Eat together as a family
Plan your snacks
Plan and prepare meals at home
Plan physical activities for the family
Play together
Ensure children sleep 8 hours or more most days
Limit screen time
Provide opportunities for active play
Engage family to keep moving (to reduce time spent sitting)
Eat fruit every day
Eat vegetables ever day

Yes = 2 points                       Sometimes = 1 point                         No = 0 points


If your total score is:

20-24 points: you and your family are on the right track

13-19 points: you and your family are doing well, but have some ideas of the places you could make better

0-12 points: you and your family now have lots of suggestions to start new healthy habits