children and constipation

Children and constipation:

How often should a kid poop? The answer to this question is “that depends”. As long as the child is comfortable and the poop is soft and easy to pass, the frequency is not an issue.

A diet that includes whole grains breads and cereals, 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables, dairy foods that provide good sources of calcium and other minerals such as milk and other low sugar or sugar free drinks helps keep kid’s guts functioning well and regularly.

Sometimes things do not go as smoothly as we like, so occasional constipation can occur and is normal.  Use of an over the counter stool softener or bulking agents such as miralax or Colace can correct occasional constipation.

For some children, constipation can be more frequent and cause problems. Working with your child’s doctor or pediatric dietitian can help establish a plan that will help straighten out this problem.